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A man on a motorcycle: that’s how Bridgerunner SG got its start back in 2015. We got our humble beginnings by recognizing a gap in service that we could efficiently fill. We started out by delivering small orders like band posters and clothing and groceries. But then we saw a sharp increase in requests for our service. So many online shoppers came to us with their international delivery needs that we couldn’t help but notice we could be doing so much more.

A partnership was established in 2017 has enabled us to do just that. We’ve put together a top-notch team of professionals to handle every aspect of international shipping from Malaysia to Singapore, and we back it up with outstanding customer service. We work hard to guarantee the most cost-effective international shipping solution for anyone in Singapore.

Our service is unique. Its origins began from an idea after navigating all the processes of crossing the borders. With a vast and unmatched knowledge base, this idea came to fruition.
We provide the best Malaysia to Singapore service out there because we have the best knowledge base. That’s how we know we can be confident that we are the most reliable and trustworthy Malaysia to Singapore courier service .

We want you to get the best bang for your buck and maximize the potential for your online shopping experience.

Our Mission
  • Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between Malaysian and Singaporean entrepreneurs. By tapping into a wider range of locally-produced products, it is a great opportunity to bring more business for both nations.

  • Our aim is to deliver an affordable shipping solution for online shoppers and entrepreneurs from Singapore and create a seamless Johor Bahru to Singapore Courier experience for everyone involved.

  • Our objective is to encourage and assist lower-income earners to save more by shopping from Malaysia.

Why Us
Quality of service

Our qualified team of experts knows the international shipping process inside and out. We guarantee high-quality service and utmost care for your packages. Every time we receive an item on your behalf, we inspect your delivery and repackage it before bringing it directly to you. We make sure you that your purchases arrive in perfect condition, on time, every time.

Hassle-free shipping and delivery

We know that consumers are often so daunted by the tedious, complicated task of handling Kuala Lumpur to Singapore delivery across borders that they’ll skip out on purchases altogether just to avoid the hassle. Our simple process makes it easy for you to order and receive your favorite products from anywhere in Malaysia.

Fast and affordable

Shipping from Malaysia to Singapore is expensive. Sometimes the cost of shipping internationally far exceeds the price of the item you want to ship! Bridgerunner SG negates the steep cost of delivery to bring you budget-friendly rates for your international purchases.

Best customer care in the business

Your satisfaction is our number one priority at all times. Our caring customer service team is available to address your questions and concerns any time of day, any day of the week. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the highest quality international shipping experience, and love in helping our customers throughout the process.


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