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  • What does Bridgerunner do?
    Bridgerunner offers an extensive range of cost-effective services, including cross-border deliveries between Malaysia and Indonesia to Singapore and vice versa. Our services encompass Pick Up Drop Off (PUDO, SG Only) for Shopee Express, Ninja Van & J&T, as well as Fulfillment Services tailored for E-commerce business owners, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and personal use, such as a shopping forwarding service. For hassle-free transactions, purchase from any local Malaysia or Singapore Online store, and conveniently send your items to our warehouse in JB or SG. We'll take care of the rest, ensuring delivery to your specified location within 1-3 working days for shipments from Malaysia to Singapore, and within 7-14 days for international deliveries. In addition to our comprehensive cross-border delivery services, we extend our offerings to include customs clearance documentation services. Beyond cross-border logistics, we are actively broadening our scope to cater to deliveries within Singapore, addressing the needs of online sellers, home-based businesses, and more. For detailed information on our services, please click here!
  • Do you do Fulfillment Service including last mile delivery from Malaysia to Singapore vice versa?
    Yes, we do provide Fulfillment Services, including last-mile delivery, for shipments between Malaysia and Singapore and vice versa. Our comprehensive service ensures efficient and reliable delivery of goods, offering convenience and satisfaction for our customers. Whether you're an E-commerce business owner, an SME, an entrepreneur, or an individual looking for seamless cross-border logistics, our Fulfillment Service caters to your needs, ensuring timely and secure delivery between Malaysia and Singapore.
  • I am an online seller from Shopee, Lazada, Tik Tok Singapore but our Fulfillment is in Malaysia. Do you provide crossborder delivery to Shopee, Lazada & Tiktok Drop Off Point in Singapore?
    Yes we do. We are official drop off points for Shopee, Lazada & Tiktok in Singapore. Talk to us to know more about this service. Click here.
  • How do we engage your service?
    Contact our Customer Service team here. We need to understand what items you need us to deliver over to SG. We can advice accordingly if your parcels needs additional documentations for Customs clearance. You will then need to submit the documents needed for custom approval. Click here to find out an estimated quote for your shipment.
  • What are your charges like?
    Depending on the type of services that you are enquiring. Are your enquiring Business or Personal? Please contact or customer service team here.
  • Do we need permits?
    Some items require special permits and licenses. Eg: Food Permit, Custom Clearance Permit, Import of Animal Feed License, etc. For personal use, no permit required. Need a permit? Contact us to know more.
  • Why is it declared as "Commercial" and not "Personal"?"
    For every cross-border delivery by land, we will deliver between 50-200 parcels belonging to different customers. Thus for having this much parcels, Singapore Customs has categorized it as "Commercial". There is no personal waiver for GST for value of $400. This only applies for Air Freight Service. Yes, we have made our enquiry with Singapore Customs. Contact us to view our correspondence with Singapore Customs on this matter. Contact our customer service here. We can advise further GST matters.
  • What are the tax charges when you deliver to Singapore?
    Total value of your CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) x 9% GST. Cost means the price of the items you bought. More Info: Singapore Customs
  • The item I bought is for personal use. Do I need to pay GST too?
    Yes. GST is still mandatory. Personal rebate of $100 and $500 does not apply. For first $400 non-GST Taxable only applies on Air Freight. All our Malaysia crossborder deliver is by land. We have seeked advice from Singapore Customs with regards to this. Singapore Customs categorize it as commercial cargo. Over the years, we have delivered parcels belonging to different customers daily. Any items sent over by us is categorised as "Commercial Items" and not personal. GST is 9% paid to Singapore Customs. Contact our customer service here. We can advise further GST matters. We would love to help you save but GST fee is mandatory by law.
  • Are Singaporeans entitled to the GST relief of $100 & $500?
    Unfortunately no, if you are using our services, as it is declared as "Commercial". But if you are bringing it in with your own mode of transport or hand carry, you will qualify for the relief. More info: Singapore Customs
  • How soon will we receive our items once it reaches your warehouse?
    You may receive your parcel in about 1-5 working days upon confirming you order with us. To know more about our process, click here. Take note of the following issues that may cause delays in your delivery: 1. Online booking form is not fully completed 2. No invoice or receipt uploaded to our booking form or not found in parcel 3. Item requires additional documents prior to delivery into Singapore.
  • Do you do same day delivery?
    Yes, depending on our drivers' availability & if the items are already at our warehouse in JB.
  • Do you do KL to SG Delivery?
    Yes. Please contact us for more details.
  • Do you do local deliveries?
    Yes, we do both JB and SG local deliveries. Contact our team for more information here!
  • Do you pick up items for us within JB?
    Yes. There pick up fee applies. Fees depending on the weight and size of your items.
  • Any parcel size requirement?
    Except for *SG Local Delivery Services, there is no specific size. As long as it can fit into our 17ft lorry, 10ft truck, van and motorbikes. We have various modes of transportation for your delivery needs. *For SG Local Delivery Services, the parcel maximum weight is 30kg.
  • How do you determine the weight of the items?
    We have a weighing machine. Pictures will be taken during the weighing process.
  • How do I know if my parcel has arrived at your warehouse in JB?
    You can track your parcels from your courier provider via our live tracking site. ( Eg. Pos Laju, Citylink, GDex.) Track your local domestic delivery to our JB warehouse below :
  • What will we be expecting during delivery? Do you have tracking?
    Yes, we do. A tracking number a.k.a (D.O number) will be given to you via email. You will receive 4 different kind of emails notification and 1 SMS notifications that come with a tracking link during & after the delivery process. The order of Email & SMS Notifications you will receive: 1. Your items has been assigned to a Driver. (Email) 2. Invoice for the Delivery Service (Email) 3. Your item is on the way. (Email) 4. Estimate time arrival from driver (SMS) 5. Your item has delivered with Proof of Delivery Report (PDF) (Email)
  • Any corporate account for long term collaboration?
    We would love to find out how we can collaborate with you. Please contact us directly via email with your details. We will contact you for further discussion.
  • How do I make payment?
    PayNow, Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery. Singapore PayNow to UEN: 202037446M Bank Transfer : 601365851001 Malaysia DuitNow to Business Registration : 1322737U Bank Transfer : 7101308369
  • Besides shipping and Customs GST charges, what are other charges that I have to be aware of?"
    Other possible charges are, but not limited to, Customs GST and/or duty and License fee and any other applicable taxes and duties. Once your item/package has been processed, we will notify you via email on the shipping charges + GST 9% payable for that package/item. Our delivery fees includes Customs Clearance Documents.
  • Calculating Volume Metric Weight
    Volumetric weight is the ‘volume’ a package occupies (example; the physical size of a package) Calculating Volumetric Weight Volumetric weight is calculated by the Length x Height x Width of a package and dividing the result with a volumetric factor. To determine a package’s volumetric weight in kg, using measurements in centimeters. Length x Height x Width / 5000 Please note that in some cases, the shipping weight indicated on your merchant order form confirmation is based on ground shipping guidelines and does not correspond to international shipping criteria.
  • Volumetric Vs Actual Weight
    Q: What is volumetric weight? A: Volumetric weight is the ‘volume’ a package occupies (example; the physical size of a package) Q: What is actual weight? A: Actual physical weight of a package is the actual weight measured in kilograms. In International shipping, how much space a package occupies (volumetric weight) in a cargo hold, is as important as how much it weighs (actual weight). Large packages, even if they are light, they take up more space in an aircraft/land transport. This is why shipping companies usually adpots the volumetric weight formula. If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight, you will be charged the volumetric weight.
  • How do I know whether my items are subject to Singapore Customs duty?
    You can refer to the Customs website at For any updates and information on dutiable and prohibited items. Any dutiable items imported into Singapore are subject to Customs duty and/or Excise duty by the Schedule to the Singapore Customs Duties Order.
  • How will I know that my package has arrived at BR overseas warehouse?
    You can check you parcels arrival at our warehouse via these links below: Malaysia:
  • What happens if the merchant delivered the wrong items or quantity?
    As Bridgerunner only provides the means for you to ship your packages to Singapore, you will have to liaise directly with your merchant for any refund, return, exchange or money-back guarantee policy and/or claims procedure of any such items.
  • What are the current Bridgerunner shipping services?
    Below are the shipping services offered by Bridgerunner currently: - BR Malaysia - BR Singapore - BR Indonesia Bridgerunner provides you with a personalized delivery address located in the 3 source countries overseas, allowing you to shop globally from International merchants. Your purchases delivered to these personalized delivery addresses, will then be shipped to Singapore and delivered to the Singapore address you indicated when you made your payment.
  • How do I use Bridgerunner Shipping Service?
    Please contact our customer service officer prior to use our service. Our customer service officer will be able to advice on the procedure, price quotes and items restriction and any other questions that you have in mind regarding our services. Customer Service click here.
  • What are the benefits of using Bridgerunner Shipping Services?
    1. Purchase items that are available overseas but not in Singapore 2. Purchase items from overseas merchants that do not ship to Singapore 3. Purchase items available in Singapore from relatively cheaper overseas sources 4. Save shipping costs by paying one base charge per bill instead of one base charge per package using Bridgerunner Shipping Services that offer bundling discount
  • What should I enter as my shipping and billing address on merchant's websites?
    You should enter our Bridgerunner address, specific to the country you are shipping in, as your shipping address that was given by our customer service officer. Contact us here. These personalized addresses comprise of your name and Bridgerunner overseas address. You should enter your Singapore address as your receiver's address. However, you can also enter your personalized Bridgerunner address at merchants’ sites which do not allow you to enter Singapore addresses as a billing address. Please note that by doing so, you may not receive the hard copy invoice should the merchant send it via mail.
  • Does Bridgerunner provide gurantee on product authenticity?
    Bridgerunner does not guarantee the authenticity, genuineness or quality of your items. For your own safety, please purchase items from reputable merchants and sites.
  • Any tips on how certain packages should be packed?
    We do not advise shipping of Fragile or Special Care items. However, if you need to, please ensure proper packaging by your Sender. In addition, please inform your sender to pack it well in shipping condition to ensure that the items are sufficiently insulated during the shipping process. We do not take responsibility for any damages that may occur during the entire handling, shipping and delivery from our overseas shipping facilities to your Singapore address. Bridgerunner may re-packed your packages if item may damage during shipping. Re-packing fees applies.
  • What are the minimum and maximum package size that I can ship using Bridgerunner Service?
    There is no minimum size for packages that you can ship via Bridgerunner. However, each package minimum chargeable weight will be 0.5KG. For the maximum size allowance, or any other enquires please click here and our customer service will assist you.
  • What are the factors to take note for delivery timeline?
    Public holidays Please be aware that public holidays, both in Singapore or product source countries, shipment of your items may delay. Working Days Working days do not include Saturday or Sunday, both in Singapore or product source countries and public holidays. A gentle reminder that the product source country’s warehouses are in a different time zone to you.
  • How long will my package take to arrive?
    For Malaysia, domestic shipping to our warehouse usually will take about 1-3 woking days. We will process it within a day and you will receive your item in the next 2 working days. Working days do not include Saturday or Sunday, both in Singapore or product source countries and public holidays.
  • Can you shop for us?
    Yes! Shopper fee will be applicable. Alternatively, you can shop online and have the items shipped to us at no additional cost.
  • Are there any online stores that I can't order from ?
    Bridgerunner allows you to shop and ship from any source online store / online merchant in those countries that we operate. You will be given our local address and use these addresses to ship your purhase. We will consolidate your order and deliver it to your doorstep. Example if you are from Malaysia and buying from an online store in Singapore, you will be given our local SG address and once we receive your item, we will ship over to your Malaysia address. Or if you are residing in Malaysia and buying something from Japan, you can also ship to our Singapore address, and we will ship it to you in Malaysia. For any delivery or shipment to Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, we will be using our service partners to deliver and any parts of the world we will be using EMS services.

If you couldn't find the answers to your question, feel free to chat with our team.

Are you looking for a shipping service that is fast, affordable, and secure? Look no further! BridgeRunner offers top-notch s
Are you looking for a shipping service that is fast, affordable, and secure? Look no further! BridgeRunner offers top-notch s


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