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What do you do?

We provide affordable cross border delivery from Malaysia to Singapore for home base business, small business owners and for personal use. Shop from any online store in Malaysia, ship your purchase to our warehouse in JB, once your parcel reaches us, we will arrange for delivery. Your items will usually take between 1-3 working days to reaches you.

We also provide customs celarance documentations and crossborder movers service.

To know more about our service you can email or Whatsapp us your queries.

Email : info@bridgerunnersg.com

Whatsapp: +6590412166

When will we receive our item once it reaches Bridgerunner?

Delivery from our base in JB to your doorstep will take between 1-3 days. Depending at what time your parcel reaches us and if we receive all invoices and receipt of purchase before your parcel arrive at our address, you could receive on the same day.

Please do take note that the following issues may cause a delay in delivery :

1. Online booking form is not filled up

2. No invoice or receipt uploaded to our booking or not found in parcel.

3. Item requries additional documents prior to delivery into Singapore.

Do you do same day delivery?

Yes we do depends on our availability & item arrive our warehouse in JB.

Any parcel size requirement?

No specific size.As long as it can fit into our transport. We have various mode of transportation for your delivery needs.

Can you shop for us?

Yes, we can. Shopper fee is applicable. Alternatively, you can shop online and have them shipped to us at no additional cost.

Do you pick up items for us within JB?

Yes. There is a pick up fee between $10.00 - $70.00 per pick up depending on the weight and size of your items.

Do you do Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Delivery?

Yes. Please contact us for more details

Any corporate account for long term collaboration?

We would love to find out how we can collaborate with you. Please contact us directly via email info@bridgerunnersg.com your details. We will contact you for further discussion.

What are your charges?

Please follow the link below and download our pricelist. https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/734b22_56b5b5e84ca5421cbc848b8c1ab11cee.pdf

How do you weigh?

We have a weighing machine. Picture will be taken during the weighing process.

What are the tax charges when you deliver to Singapore?

Total value of your CIF (Cost,Insurance, Freight) x 7% GST. Cost means the price of your items you bought. More Info: Singapore Customs

The item I bought is for personal use. Do I need to pay GST too?

Yes. GST is still mandatory. Personal rebate of $100 and $500 does not apply.We seek advice from Singapore Customs with regards to this. Singapore Customs categorise it as commercial cargo. We courier a lot of parcels belonging to different customer to SG daily.Any items courier over to SG by us were categorized as a commercial items and not personal. We would love to help you save but GST payments is mandatory by law.

Why it is declared as commercial and not personal?

Every cross border delivery, we will deliver between 20-40 parcels belonging to different customers. Thus for having this much of parcels, Singapore Customs categorized it as commercial. Yes,We have made our inquiry with Singapore Customs. Contact us to view our correspondence with Singapore Customs on this matter.

Do we Singaporeans entitled to the GST relief of $100 & $500?

No, if you are using our service as it is declare as commercial. Yes, you are entitled to if you bring it in with your own mode of transport or hand carry. More info: Singapore Customs

Do we need permits?

Some items require permits and license. Eg: Food Permit, Custom Clearance Permit, Import of Animal Feed License, etc. For personal use, no permit required. You need permit? Contact us to know more.


How do I make payment?

Paynow, Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery.

How do I know if my parcel have arrive your warehouse in JB?

You can track your parcels from your courier provider via our website. ( Eg. Pos Laju, Citylink, GDex.)

What will we be expecting during delivery? Do you have tracking?

Yes we do. You will be provided with a tracking number a.k.a (D.O number) via email. You will receive 4 different kind of emails notification and 2 SMS notification that comes with a tracking link during & after the delivery process.

Email & SMS Notifications you will receive in order

1. Your items has been assigned to a Driver. (Email)

2. Invoice for the Delivery Service & GST to Singapore Customs (Email)

3. Your item is on the way. (Email & SMS)

4. Estimate time arrival from driver (SMS)

5. Your item has delivered with Proof of Delivery Report (PDF) (Email)

How do we engage your service?

Firstly, you need to make enquiry with us via whatsapp or email. This is to understand more of what are the items that you us to delivery over to SG. We can- advice accordingly if your parcels needs additional documents for Customs Clearance. Secondly, book your delivery. Read T&C before booking. You can dowload our booking guide and pricelist found on our website. That's it...

Do you do Local delivery?

Yes we do both JB and SG local delivery.



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