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Read & understand prior to booking of our delivery service.


  1. Please make your enquiry with us first before you shop online or deliver it to our address in JB. This is to ensure that your items that you bought is able to be shipped or import into Singapore. Some items requires permits and license. Email: info@bridgerunnersg.com WhatsApp: Bridgerunner Enquiry

  2. BRIDGERUNNER SG have the rights not to serve anyone who may or will jeopardize our daily operations that will affect our other customers.

  3. Do not book a delivery or sent your item to our address if you have not make an inquiry with BRIDGERUNNER SG. Some items are classified Controlled Goods or Prohibited Goods. These goods requires permits and license from authorize agency like Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore Food Agency (SFA), Singapore Customs, Info-Communication Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA).

  4. All parcels shipped to our given address are to be accompanied with official receipt or invoice. NO RECEIPT WILL RESULTS TO NON DELIVERY.

  5. NO SELF COLLECT of parcels is allowed. Once your parcel is delivered to our address, you are subjected to use our service. There will be a storage fee of $15 per day if you decide to do self-pick up which include engaging other courier company to pick up on your behalf. We are not responsible for any damage or lost items if we are not inform for such arrangement.

  6. Parcels or documents reaches our address before 11 am, will be deliver on the same day or next working day. All parcels / documents will be deliver within 2 workings days unless specified.

  7. Our delivery timing is between 2 pm - 10 pm. Traffic congestion at causeway is unavoidable and we strongly recommend NOT TO FIX A TIMING for delivery.

  8. If you are not using Malaysia domestic courier service and you are using personal runners or independent courier contractors to deliver your parcels to our address, you are required to inform us at least 2 days in advance.

  9. All items / parcels shipped over to Singapore are subjected to 7% GST by Singapore Customs. GST is declared base on the cost, insurance, freight (CIF) which means it’s the total value stated on your invoice / receipt including local Malaysia postage.


  11. Our cross border delivery is classified as commercial cargo due to high volume of parcels belonging to different customers even if the goods is of for personal use. Personal GST relief of $100 & $500 could not be used for our cross border delivery service. Check out our FAQ to know more.

  12. WE DO NOT DELIVER any Liquor, Cigarettes and some related Meat products.

  13. All parcels sent to our address will be opened and inspect for any illegal or counterfeit items such as drugs, guns, battle knife etc. We will dispose any illegal items without prior notice. And for counterfeit products, WE WILL NOT DELIVER and you have to find alternatives to courier it over to Singapore. List of Controlled & Prohibited Goods.

Our Pricelist

All delivery fees are based on Actual Weight or Volumetric Weight whichever is higher. Please click this link PRICE LIST to download our price list.

How to Book a Delivery 

  1. Make and enquiry with us before you can make a booking online. Enquiry with us at Email: info@bridgerunnersg.com WhatsApp: Bridgerunner Enquiry

  2. Once you verify with us on your items that you need us to ship it over, please fill up our Delivery Request Form online.

  3. Please indicate in the form if you are consolidating your order.

  4. If there is a special request or instruction, please indicate it on the form.

  5. Please request a photo of your invoice or receipt from your seller and upload it on the Delivery Request Form.

  6. Once you submit the form, you will receive notification email that we receive your request. If you did not receive such email, please contact us Email: info@bridgerunnersg.com WhatsApp: Bridgerunner Enquiry

  7. If you are using domestic couriers (e.g Pos Laju, Gdex), you can track your parcels here.

  8. Next, we wait for your parcels to be delivered to our address.